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    How often do you consume wine?

    What type of wine do you drink most?

    Is your wine collection from mostly domestic or foreign producers?

    If you’ve been to Napa before, which winery provided your most memorable experience?
    Are you looking for wineries that are new to you, or to visit your favorites -- or a mix of both?

    Would you describe yourself as a serious collector who wants to add to your cellar or an enthusiast who simply wants a great Napa Valley wine experience?

    If you visit a winery and like the wines, would you order 3, 6 or 12+ bottles?

    Is there a price point in wine that you simply will not exceed? For example, I can arrange a visit to “Winery X” where the prices range from $95 to $275 per bottle with an expected minimum purchase of a case (12 bottles) or more. To avoid any uncomfortable situations, this is a very important answer.

    How many days do you plan to spend visiting wineries?


    Where will you be staying during your visit – a hotel, rental property or winery guest house?

    Will you be driving your own vehicle or using a driving service?

    How many people do you expect to be in your party?

    Are you celebrating a special occasion?

    If I’m making restaurant reservations, what are you looking for regarding cuisine, price range and setting? Do you have any special dietary needs? If you’re staying in a rental property, would you like me to arrange for a private chef dinner at home?

    Is there anything else you’d like me to know about your visit that would help me prepare an itinerary?

    Again, thanks for contacting me. I’ll be in touch soon with some ideas for you so we can get started on your plans for your trip!

    Scotti Stark

    We couldn't have had a better trip. Scotti had every detail planned out from start to finish; travel arrangements, condo, daily itinerary and even a Top Chef! - Cristi, Dallas, TX

    Amazing! We will definitely be using Scotti for our next trip out. Jessica, Houston, TX

    We've been to Napa before, but with Scotti's connections we saw places we didn't even know you could visit, much less enjoy a tasting in. So much fun. Heather, Arlington, VA

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