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Casa Piena
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Casa Piena is founded upon the Philosophy of old world development merged with new world team building.  The roots of this wine adventure go back to Carmen Policy’s childhood in Youngstown, Ohio’s Smokey Hollow neighborhood.  That is where the making and sharing of wine played a central part in the vibrant family life of his largely Italian-American community.

Direct and purposefully attention is given to every aspect of the farming cycle.  We employ precise farming techniques, practice dry farming, balance crop loads, and pick our fruit at perfect maturation.  We farm sustainably and thoughtfully, with our future generations in mind.

The Debate wines celebrate the diversity of single vineyards, the art of conversation, the difference of viewpoints, and most importantly the enjoyment of sharing them.

Our life and purpose as vintners is to preserve and nurture our land to yield the best fruit and craft wines of distinction that reflect the creative vision of Adler Deutsch Vineyard.