Looking back over my ten years in Napa, I am truly grateful for all the memorable experiences. The people I have met, the places I have seen, the food I have tasted, and most importantly…the wines…wow, the wines! I want to share the best of it with you: the most breathtaking views, the most entertaining drivers, the most romantic hotels, the best spas, the juiciest burgers, and the best wine experiences all custom tailored to your personal specifications. While I do represent wineries personally and would love for you to see them all, I would also like to share your company with the people from other wineries that have inspired me. Using Stark Advantage services will give you the best that Napa has to offer…in all aspects.

Cheers, Scotti Stark   |   Co-Founder, HARUMPH Wines.


We’ll make sure your wine and winery are shown to the best Advantage, with tastings and tours that give veteran customers a new appreciation for what you do, and make new visitors fans for life. In addition to connecting great people with great wine, Stark Advantage also offers consultation services in tasting room training and hospitality development.


We offer our clients a memorable Napa Valley experience, with private tastings at select premium wineries, advice on building a fine-wine collection, and event hosting. We can also build custom itineraries for everything from day trips to a longer stay with a range of outstanding hospitality services. Contact us to get started on a spectacular wine country journey.